Allan Ross
Mechanic – 25 years
Business owner – 20 years
Car – 2014 Toyota Tundra

“If you’re having any reservations about E10, do the 2 tank test. If your car can do the same kilometers on E10 across 2 tanks of fuel, and your car doesn’t perform any differently, then there’s no reason why you should be afraid of using E10. In my own car – and it’s not exactly small - I get exactly the same fuel economy and performance on E10 as I get with other fuel blends. On a recent trip to Ballina, I drove up on 98, came back on E10 and both blends delivered 750 km per tank.

“For my money, as a mechanic and as a regular long distance driver, E10 is definitely the way to go. And as for those stories about E10 damaging engines, I’ve never seen it. I’ve certainly seen cars that have picked up a bit of scratchy fuel, but you can get that from any pump and any blend. That’s just petrol.”


Sam Carlino
Mechanic – 38 years
Petrol station owner

“Would a manufacturer sell you a new E10 compatible car and be happy to give you a five year warranty if they thought the ethanol was going to damage that car? No they wouldn’t.

E10 has to meet the same standards as other petrol so there’s no issue with the quality of the fuel. And, in my experience, you get just as good economy and performance, but for a cheaper price. I’ve done many tests over the years across both city and country driving trips – and it performs just as well, if not better.

“I have been working as a mechanic for 38 years, and selling E10 in my service station since 2007 - and I’ve never seen any sign of damage to an engine or engine component as a result of E10.

For me, looking after my customers means helping them save money so I will always recommend E10 if their car is compatible. I’ve never had any of them come back and tell me E10 has ruined their car, so I must be on the right track!


Jim Ghellis
Mechanic – 32 years
Business owner – 32 years

“Working on performance and racing cars in particular, I like nothing better than taking a pretty average engine and tuning it up. E10 is a great fuel, I use it in my family cars because it’s just better and cleaner than regular petrol. Having a bit of ethanol in your fuel gives you the capacity to increase the timing in your engine which makes it more efficient and increases power, so why wouldn’t you use it? We hooked a Commodore up to the dyno (dynamometer, a machine that can be used to measure an engine’s power) with regular fuel, then filled it with E10, and found the efficiency increased on E10.

E10 is definitely a cleaner fuel too - it gives the engine a better response. As for the theory that E10 somehow damages an engine – I’ve never seen it. If the manufacturer says the car can take E10, there is no reason why an owner shouldn’t use it.”


Ray Vingilis
Taxi driver – 35 years

After doing more than 200,000 km on E10 in my personal vehicle, I was pretty sure I knew it well enough to use it in the taxi. So I switched the taxi to E10 about 7 years ago and have never looked back.

“I don’t understand why people have a problem with E10 – I have used it for many years and find there’s just no difference in terms of fuel economy or performance. For me, as a full time taxi driver, there’s no reason at all why I wouldn’t use E10. And when I need to fill up, I just open FuelCheck and find my way to the cheapest E10. It couldn’t be easier. Why waste money? I will always use E10.”