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The E10 Compatibility Check on this site is powered by data provided by the Institute of Automotive Mechanical Engineers  (IAME).

The NSW Government appreciates IAME’s support of the E10 Fuel for Thought campaign, adding an authoritative voice from the automotive trade industry.

The IAME is a national association for individuals and organisations in the automotive industry. Its aims are to further the interests of its members at all levels through knowledge, awareness and the sharing of expertise. The IAME has always supported the merit of original equipment manufacturers building and importing new motor vehicles which have been specifically engineered to run and perform on Ethanol blended fuels.



The NRMA has lent its support to the E10 Fuel for Thought campaign as part of its commitment to giving NSW motorists accurate information so they are able to reliably choose the right fuel for their car.

NRMA Chairman Kyle Loades said there was a need to correctly inform people about what fuels to use. 
“E10 reduces harmful emissions, is often cheaper, and is safe to use in many cars,” Mr Loades said.
“If your car is compatible, there isn’t a downside to using ethanol-blended fuel, and this Government campaign aims to address this misinformation.

NRMA patrolman Kosta Karavanas features in one of the television commercials, filling his patrol vehicle with E10.

Many cars manufactured after 1986 can use E10 without any performance or fuel consumption problems, but it’s always best to check with your manufacturer or the Fuel for Thought online portal first,” Mr Loades says.

The NRMA is a member-owned organisation offering roadside assistance, motoring advice, car servicing, travel, parking solutions and other services in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.